’07 Movies So Far…
June 7, 2007, 9:14 pm
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I have a lot of time on my hands now that I have no school. It gets boring here though.

I’m waiting until 10 so I could watch an hour of Whose Line Is It Anyway on ABCFamily. While I wait, here are my ratings for theattrical-released movies this year… (I’m not very good at reviewing stuff so just deal).


Freedom Writers – Okay but forgettable. 3/5. Alpha Dog – Slow in the beginning but caught on. 4/5. Pan’s Labyrinth (limited) – Didn’t like it. I went in expecting a great fantasy movie but it was barely a fantasy movie. Disappointed. 2/5. Stomp The Yard – Cliche and predictable. 1.5/5. The Hitcher – It was a fun ride. 4/5. The Dead Girl (LA/NY?) – Officially one of my favorite movies. Great performances & engaging plot. 5/5. Catch and Release – I fell asleep. 2/5. Smokin’ Aces – First half was all talk. It got better in the second half but I thought it was pretty confusing. 3/5. Epic Movie – Bad everywhere. 1/5. The Messengers – I only remember one scene I enjoyed but everything was just boring & slow paced. My folks said they liked it though. 2/5. Music and Lyrics -One of the better romantic comedies. Great music also. 4/5. The Number 23 – Really wanted to like it but I just didn’t care in the end. 2/5. Zodiac – Pretty long but I enjoyed it. Maybe I’m just biased cause I live in Vallejo but good movie. 4/5. 300 – Good action sequences but thats it. I want to get this on Blu-ray. 3/5. Blades of Glory – Pretty funny movie. I want something new from Heder though. 4/5. Disturbia – Surprised. Good thriller but I would’ve cast the Ashley character with Blake Lively. She would’ve been perfect. 4/5. Hot Fuzz – I honestly think this movie is overrated. There are some funny moments but maybe I just didn’t get the other jokes. 2.5/5. Spider-Man 3 – I don’t remember what happened in the first one & I don’t recall watching the second one but I thought this movie was decent. Some parts were really corny; especially when Peter Parker goes bad. I dunno what they were thinking. 3.5/5

I know I can’t review for shit. I need to get better. Haha. I’ll be watching Because I Said So, The Fountain, Norbit, & maybe Knocked Up this weekend.


The Beginning
May 20, 2007, 8:13 pm
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NEW BLOG. This is second blog here on wordpress (never really used the other one) & probably my hundredth blog ever (..xanga). I won’t talk much cause I have school tomorrow & I’m busy but I’ll update pretty soon.

Hmm… I need a layout.